Jean-Baptiste Labat

Jean-Baptiste LabatBorn in Paris in 1663, Dominican of shock, belongs to the legend of Martinique. The father Labat is present in many places in Martinique. On is arrival, he is allocated to Macouba's parish of which he reconditions buildings. From 1694 till 1705, the father Labat is an engineer, a builder, a fighter and a writer. "The New journey in Isles of America" will be a frank best seller. He is the best and the most complete of the columnists of the heroic time of the Small West indies. By 1696, he becomes a prosecutor - property manager of Fonds-Saint-Jacques, property of the Dominicans. he bases the parish of François, where he develops and modernizes sugar industry. The manufacturing processes of the sugar owe a lot to the father Labat.